International Exchange

The process of economic globalization has accelerated the pace of international exchange. From economic globalization, political multi-polarization, scientific and technological informatization to cultural diversity, countries in the world are interconnected and interdependent. Exchanges and cooperation have become an irresistable trend. After years of practical exploration, we are committed to strenghtening the exchange, learning and integration of Chinese and foreign culture by virture of high-quality resources at home and abroad and focusing on the international market.

We take this responsibility conscientously!

We pay attention to the world trend and educational development ; Set high standard on ourselves and provide services at a professional level;
We keep learning to make ourselved better; We will do our best!

Highlights of Exchange Programs

A series of activities conducted by Dr. Hunter and his team(2018)

Dr. Hunter,77 years old, a long time faculty member at Louisiana State University, participated in NASA's Apollo moon landing program. Despite suffering from cancer, Dr. Donald overcame it with a strong will and continued to work for 17 years after his recovery. In the course of this exchange, Dr. Donald and his team carried out multi-angle discussion with the teachers and students from a dozen of schools with respect to the topics covering the study, job, health, culture, philosophy and so on.


2017 Sino-US Educational Forum

The teachers from China and US conducted

in- depth  discussion for different forms of the same subject and teaching method research 


“Captain Hook”Dr. Randy

Motivational Speech for Public Welfare“Never Give Up


English Summer Camp ENGAGE

(Jointly organized with ELIC)


Valley Art Troup Visited Austria for Performance Exchange

(Series of Meeting in Vienna)




                            Teaching  Research


                     Teaching Preparation

About Us

Integrating domestic and international high-quality resouces,
targeting  at international education market and providing
distincitive international courses and high-quality international
exchange programs, promoting cross-cultural communication.
We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you!
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